Registration will be open until all the slots are filled. *Please check the availability before registration.




“Special Needs Supplemental Form”

If your child applies to anything listed in the form of “Special Needs Supplemental Form”,

please complete the form and follow procedures. The form must be submitted between March 26 and April 6.

*If you are an EWA family, the form must be submitted no later than March 30.*

特別なサポートが必要なお子様は、“Special Needs Supplemental Form”の提出がお申し込み事前に必要です。


Special Needs Supplemental Form 2018



Please click below to find details:


EWA Summer Day Camp 2018 – New Registratoin Procedures

The Compound Access Request Form

It is required to submit the form prior your visit. Current available dates/times are listed below.

Please click a link listed below that you plan to visit. This is not for the purpose of saving slot. The registration will be processed as first-comes, first-serve basis. Please be careful that requesting of the compound access is not for proving the numbered tickets to register.

The Compound Access Request Form will be closed on the day before the registration date that are listed below. The deadline for the Monday access request is on the Friday of week before at 16:00pm. From May 21, the access request will be weekly basis and the request form will be closed on Friday at 16:00pm of the week before the registration.







The registration for each available week will be closed on Monday before the week of the camp. (Registration for Week 1 will be closed on June 11th)

空席のある週のお申し込みは、各キャンプの行われる週の前週の月曜日にお申込みの受付を終了いたしますのであらかじめご了承ください。(Week 1のお申し込みは6月11日に締め切りとなります。)


May 17 / Group A: 9:30am

Group B: 12:30pm


May 18 / Group A: 9:30am

Group B: 12:30pm


May 21 – 25 (Due date for the sign-up: May 18 by 16:00pm) /


May 29 – June 1 (Due date for the sign-up: May 25 by 16:00pm) /

*Due to the holiday, registration is not available on May 28, 2018. / Registration is not available on May 30.)


June 4 – 8 (Due date for the sign-up: June 1 by 16:00pm) /










Please download the application forms below and bring completed forms to the Employees’ Welfare Association Office located on American Embassy Tokyo Mitsui Housing Compound. All payments are required at registration. Payments are accepted only in cash in Japanese Yen. [No Credit Cards are accepted]



Office Hour / 受付時間 : 9:30 – 16:00


EWA Summer Day Camp Registration Forms

 Panther and Dragon Registration Form

Camp Academy Registration Form

Toilet training must be completed by June 18

to attend Panthers/Dragons.



Private/Group Swimming Lesson

Please print and bring it to the registration day.


Swimming Lesson for Panthers 2018

Swimming Lesson for Dragons 2018

Swimming Lesson for Camp Academy 2018


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